About Lisa

Hey, I’m Lisa!

Welcome to my new blog – I’m excited to see you stopping by. It’s still only in the early stages but Rome wasn’t built in a day so it’s going to take time to get this website where I want it to go.

And because I’m a patient gal from a small town in Southern England, I’m totally cool with that.

You might be wondering why a 32-year old would want to start a blog about bedding (I mean, there’s only so much one can write about bedding!).

If so, I’m about to answer this very question to clear your curiosity so keep reading!

Why this blog…?

My mum always had a thing about bedding, and she passed that slight obsession onto me when I was very small.

She always invested in the best quality sheets, mattresses, duvets and pillows. Our wardrobes were full of neatly folded bedding that was organised according to colour.

She obsessed over this wardrobe and kept it in immaculate condition, so much so that there was never an orange sheet mixed in with the whites or blacks. That would have been a disaster in her eyes!

I always say that my mum gave me the gift of bedding. Through her, I can now spot quality bedding a mile away and I have to have the latest patterns and the most luxurious materials when it comes to my bed sheets.

I know so much about bedding that I felt I had to write about it. Hence, this blog!

Check Back in For More Updates

If you’d like to know more about how to keep your bed in tip-top shape, how to ensure you’re getting the best quality of bedding for the price you pay and just all things bedding in general, be sure to stop by here regularly.

I do have a real job but I’ll be updating here as often as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and please do come again!

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