Choosing the right mattress for your needs

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It is a somewhat troubling thought that we are very poor choosers when it comes to mattresses.

Haven’t we all felt very undecided when trying out a new mattress? All mattresses surely feel different, but somehow, the difference seems trivial when trying them out in the shop.

One reason for that may be that we need a lot of time to evaluate a mattress. Picking one in a couple of minutes after an awkward try out is probably not going to be the best choice ever.

My friend, Monetta, is a chiropractor from Henderson, Nevada and she has told me some nightmare stories from some of her patients who now suffer with chronic pain because of a poor choice in mattress. 

Make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you by continuing to read this article to find out more about choosing the right mattress for you. 

Poor Mattress Choice and Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many different factors, all depending on your body weight, height, type of job and so on.

But since it’s a gradual buildup dependent on so many variables, it’s hard to find out what the exact problem really is.

Another interesting phenomenon that happens while we sleep, is the so called R.E.M phase.

This has some quite interesting effects not only on our brains but also on our bodies. It is well documented that during this phase our skeletal muscles relax.

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This means that the body isn’t held together as tightly and we lose a lot of support, especially for our spine.

So how can we choose the right mattress when our bodies are changing as we sleep and we’re not even aware of it?

Types of mattresses

The first thing we need to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress is the type. This is perhaps one of the important aspects that has a lot of consequences.

The most common type is the innerspring mattress. These are made from a lot of springs that are drowned in some sort of cushioning.

The number of springs on such a mattress can be as high as 1,000. The firmness depends on the number of springs that is tucked in.

Although more usually means better, the only way to truly test this one out is to lay it out. See how you feel and pay close attention to your body.

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Make sure you test your mattress before buying it

Other types include memory foams, mattresses that wrap around your body contours and so provide different support in different areas.

This is a good choice is you are generally tired throughout the day. If none of the two mentioned above works for you, consider an air mattress.

You never know what you need until you get it.


Like every cautious advice, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on safety. This includes looking out for mattresses that are not fire resistant.

Although it’s a common standard nowadays, some vintage mattresses do not include this safety constraint.

Another thing to watch out for is obviously allergens. Don’t forget to skim the labels for this particular feature, because it is quite important.


Some people believe that mattresses should be like gloves, and fit like them too. This is quite sound advice, since your height determines how your spine lays out, and some mattresses put a lot of effort to emulate just that.

The wrong size can mean a lot of discomfort in some cases. Make sure to keep that in mind. 

As mentioned before, choosing the right mattress is somewhat of a subtle expertise.

Since we don’t buy them every other day, we can be quite intimidated at the thought of making an investment that we’ll have to put up with many years.

But fretting at the thought doesn’t help the cause. Relax, take a positive attitude towards and it and we believe you can make the right choice towards your nocturnal comfort.